Fundraising At Our School

The PTA is working to streamline the fundraising calendar, trying to eliminate the constant “noise” by too frequent requests for money from so many different areas. We are working to determine which fundraisers are the most profitable and most preferred by the parents and community. You may receive notice of various fundraisers this year. Please don’t feel you need to participate in every one. Just know we are trying a variety of programs to find the best and most profitable for our students and school community.

family fun event

Why does the PTA need to raise money?

Many parents ask this as they get started in the public school system – especially with all the property taxes we pay each year. Funding for schools does a good job of covering our buildings, teacher salaries, administration, books and other necessities. But lost in that are some much needed enrichment programs and community-building activities that make the overall learning environment what it needs to be for all of our kids.

In order to provide this overall learning environment, we must raise funds, but while it is a function of our PTA, it is not our mission. The funds we receive are put to use for PTA-sponsored student programs, teacher resources, family-focused activities and school improvements. We raise money to support programs for every student at Deer Crossing. See the programs we support – you might be surprised by all that we do!

We need your help!

Interested in helping with a fundraiser? Let us know where you’d like to contribute.